Programming / Industrial Automation

  • PLC Programming: :

    Program development for various systems:

    • Rockwell PLC5, Control Logix, Compact LOGIX
    • Siemens S5, S7, TIA-Portal
    • WAGO compact PLCs
    • further CodeSys based compact PLCs

    Programming of complex machine processes and control processes.

    Connecting PLC systems to higher level computer systems.

    Connecting PLC systems to different visualization systems.

    Transfer of already existing programs from one system to another.

    Integration of PLC systems into an overall concept of a machine system (network, data transfer, etc.).

    Many years of experience with Rockwell Automation equipment.

    Drive Systems:

    • Design and calculation of servo systems.
    • Several years of experience in programming for servo systems.
    • Integration of drive systems in the overall project of the customer.
    • Development of customer-specific solutions for drive systems.
    • Adjustments of the overall concept of a machine plant.
    • Evaluation of system solutions of a product range to another.
    • Many years of experience with Rockwell Automation equipment.
  • Process Visualization:

    Program development for the following systems:

    • Rockwell PanelView
    • Cutler-Hammer PanelMate
    • Siemens OPs
    • Other systems

    Adjusting the different systems to specific customer requirements.

    Adapting visualization systems to different PLC systems and/or computer systems.

    Planning and implementation of visualization projects.

    Multilingual management.